• Footrest Extension (PW-999UL)

  • Free2GO (Portable Urine Collector)

    Free2Go is a good news for men that needed incontinence solution; men that are suffering from urine problems due to swollen prostate glands; male wheelchair users and catheter users. Say NO to adult diapers and catheters.

  • Galaxy Airtube Cushion

    The Galaxy Cushion combines multi-cellular air technology with a patented, contouring design, shaped to fit the anatomical form. The Galaxy achieves its contour through uniquely shaped air cells, specifically designed to benefit the user.









    The pelvic supports cells gently adduct the trochanters creating a hydrostatic environment around the sitting tissues. Coccyx relief cells are shaped to create a voided region in the rear of the cushion that keeps pressure away from this typically problematic area. Posterior sloped air cells help to prevent forward migration. The adductor cells gently push the user’s femur to the midline of the cushion, creating balance and stability and helping to aid outward leg migration. The user’s thighs are kept in medial-lateral placement through delicately sculpted femur troughs. The user’s knees are stabilized by the abductors which work in concert with the femur troughs to create premium comfort and security.


    Kursi Roda Lipat Elektrik PW-1000XL adalah versi lebih lebar dari yang terdahulu (PW-999UL).  Dapat dilipat dan dibuka kembali dengan lebih cepat.  Kursi roda ini juga menjawab permintaan mereka untuk kursi-roda lebih lebar dan bergerak lebih cepat . Dapatkan FREE Travel Bag.  Anti-tilt support juga termasuk dalam model ini.

  • Kursi Roda Ringan MW-150

    Don’t let bulky wheels restrict your freedom: The MW-150 Lightweight Wheelchair has 2 quick release detachable large wheels and 4 small caster wheels for manoeuvring tight spaces. MW-150 makes life easier:

    • Traveling on planes, trains and public transportation becomes light and easy. Basically any time when you need to move through narrow aisles and passage ways.
    • Getting the wheelchair in and out of your own vehicle – detaching the large wheels lightens the load and saves space.
    •  Enter narrow bathrooms doors in public venues, hotels, or in your own home.
    • Detachable backrest cover and seat cover enables easy cleaning. While washing the seat and backrest cover, you still can it as usual.
    • Soft push handles with handbrakes for better caregiver control.
    • Can be folded into a very compact size for easy travelling.
  • Leo II (Kursi Roda Berdiri Paling Ringan)

    You can hardly find a standing wheelchair that is so stylish, lightweight, user friendly, and it is also the lightest standing wheelchair in the world. If you enjoy using a manual wheelchair and would like to stand-up regularly by yourself, Leo II is really your best choice. Kindly check out the details and specifications to find out which size suits you the most.

  • Mountain Trike – All Terrain Trike

    The Mountain Trike is our flagship Trike – all-terrain, self-propelled, sleek, versatile and available in any colour.
    This is the ideal Trike for your outdoor every day use, whether it be a muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops, a walk in the park and for the more adventurous, it has even been known to climb the odd mountain or two! The unique lever drive system allows the rider to have clean dry hands whatever the terrain.

  • MW-190 Recline Backrest Wheelchair

    This MW-190 features with recline backrest and adjustable headrest. Made of full aluminum alloy, so it is also more durable compared with traditional metal wheelchairs on the market.

    • Full aluminum construction and weighs 17.9 kg (39.5 lb), and becomes 14.8 kg (32.62 lbs) after detached the 2 large rear wheels allows for maximal durability while remaining light weight for transport.
    • Can be folded into a very compact size for easy travelling.
    • Able to install optional headrest and raisable footrest.
    • Getting the wheelchair in and out of your own vehicle – detaching the large wheels lightens the load and saves space.
    • Detachable backrest cover and seat cover enables easy cleaning. While washing the seat and backrest cover, you still can use it as usual.
    • Can be folded into a very compact size for easy travelling
  • Out of stock

    MW-73RT Rollator

    MW-73RT, merupakan rollator teringan dan ter-ramping di dunia, dengan berat hanya 7.3 kg. Rollator ini dapat dilipat sedemikian rupa sehingga dapat dimasukkan ke dalam tas yang sudah disediakan.  Dengan ukurannya yang kecil serta ringan, rollator ini dapat anda simpan di kabin pesawat sehingga anda tidak usah khawatir rusak ataupun hilang ketika sedang bepergian. Dengan desain yang cantik dan berbentuk oval, sangat modern sekali, yang mungkin rollator paling modern yang pernah anda temukan di pasaran.

  • Pegasus Kursi Roda Berdiri Semi-Elektrik

    • Pegasus Kursi Roda Berdiri Semi-Elektrik tampil sangat elegan.
    • Bergerak secara manual, berdiri serta duduk dengan tenaga elektrik (batere).
    • Membuat pengguna kursi roda lebih sehat dengan seringnya dalam posisi berdiri.
    • Sangat tepat untuk pengguna yang hanya bisa menggerakkan satu tangan.
    • Gerakkan Turun/Naik dikontrol dengan kontroler mungil.
    • Tinggi dudukkan kaki, tempat duduk dan sudut dudukkan kaki dapat diatur.
    • Roda depan dan belakang yang mudah dilepas sehingga lebih mudah dibawa.
    • Cocok untuk dijadikan alat fisio-terapi baik untuk rumah maupun pusat rehab.
  • Phoenix II

    This Phoenix power standing wheelchair has total 6 wheels for stability. Comfortable seat and headrest. H-shape harness for safety and LED light for night going out.









    • Speed up to 8 km/hr (5 miles/hr).
    • Travels up to 30 km (18.5 miles) with a full charge.
    • Uses Dynamic Controller (Shark) for precise user control.
    • Equipped with LED lights, headrest and H-shaped safety harness.
    • Spring suspension for extra comfort over rough terrains.
    • Adjusts speed automatically during standing position for safety.
  • Pocket Cane







    • Just one second extended in use.
    • Simply ONE button folded.
    • Ideal folding size in a bag for carry.
    • Ergonomic design of the grip.
    • 4 heights adjustment (83/86.5/90/93.5cm) can provide you to set it at the desired height.