• PW-600ER Elevate Recline Power Wheelchair

    PW-600ER Elevate Recline Power Wheelchair

    The seat can be elevated to reach out something high, and you can have conversation with people at the same level.

    The seat can recline up to 165° for rest, excellent for users that need frequent rests. During the recline position, footrest, armrest and seat will move in coordinated way to ensure no muscle pull.

  • Raisable Footrest

    This is an optional raisable footrest for model PW-800AX or PW-777LC. And the price indicated on the right is for a pair of this raisable footrest.

  • Stable Walker

    Unique patented All-Angle Tripot Stand provides much better support and flexibility to adapt uneven surfaces.

    • Made with strong & lightweight alluminum alloy. (Height adjustable).
    • Comes with suspension to ease the tension on hand and arm.
    • and reflector for night out.
    • Anti-slip rubber tip for safety and with Spikes for hiking
  • Standard Airtube Cushion

    This Standard Airtube cushion has a 6 cm standard height profile. Comes with a hand pump and seat cover. It is made of full rubber.

  • Universal Travel Adapter

    This Universal Travel Adapter works worldwide, meaning it works in any country in the world 100V-230V. This is not just a normal universal adapter because it is equipped with 2 USB adapter ports (2.1A and 1.0A) too. If you need to charge your iPhone or iPad, you do need to use the 2.1A port, while other equipment can use the 1.0A port. It is durable and comes with a zipper pouch. Now you can travel with your power wheelchair to anywhere in the world without worrying about voltage differences.
    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • USB Power Adapter

    Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

  • Wheelchair LED Light

  • X-Crutch Underarm Crutches

  • Yoga – Skuter Mobilitas Yang Dapat Dilipat

    Yoga – Foldable Mobility Scooter

    • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame makes it extremely light weight 26kg (57 lbs) and durable.
    • Foldable to very compact size for convenient carry and storage.
    • Durable and lightweight Li-ion battery pack and efficient motor enables longer driving range up to 16 km (10 miles)
    • Patented twin-front-wheels with spring suspension system offers excellent stability during turns and uneven surface.
    • Compare to other similar products, Yoga is easier to steer and control, more reasonable price and higher quality.

    Click on the video below to understand how good it is.

  • PW-800AX Kursi Roda Elektrik Fungsi Ganda

    PW-800AX Kursi Roda Fungsi Ganda memberikan anda pilihan, dikayuh secara manual atau digerakkan dengan tenaga batere.  Kursi Roda ini sangant nyaman dan stabil serta tidak terlalu berat dibandingkan dengan kursi roda elektrik umumnya.  Juga dapat dilipat sehingga mudah untuk dimasukkan ke dalam bagasi mobil. Selain ukuran standar 16″, kami juga menyediakan ukuran yang lebih besar, yaitu 18″ dan 20″.

  • PW-999UL Kursi Roda Lipat Elektrik Teringan

    Kursi Roda Elektrik Lipat PW-999UL merupakan jenis kursi roda elektrik lipat teringan yang ada di dunia.